Hair Salon


Become a proper hairstylist in this game


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Hair Salon is a fun app where four customers put themselves in your hands to change their look. You'll get to decide how to given them the best possible makeovers with new makeup and new haircuts.

To do the makeover, you'll have available every styling tool you could ask for, so you can work with both the hair and overall image of each client. Some of the tools include a hair dryer, scissors, comb, hair spray, mousse, sunglasses, and hats.

Once you choose the person you want to give the makeover, you'll begin to create the best style for him or her. There are plenty of possibilities, and with so many tools available, you can cut, add highlights, crop it all off, or change their hair color.

Be careful with the color and effects you choose, though, because applying them is not an easy task, though if you mess up, you can remove the makeup and start again whenever you want. Let your imagination run wild with Hair Salon.
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